Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our 18 Month Anniversary

Well yesterday my little man officially became nine months old! It was sort of a big deal to me because  nine months is how long this precious little miracle grew inside me, and now he has spent nine months eating, sleeping, talking, learning, and exploring in this world we share! We have had a beautiful 18 month relationship and I can't wait to see what the next 18 hold.
Here's a little update on what our nine month old little boy is up to these days...

* Crawling like a mad man. He's super fast and gone in the blink of an eye. He has also decided to branch out and explore on his own now and a couple times I have found him wondering into the kitchen or bathroom all on his own.
* Pulls up and tracks like a pro. He's been pulling up for awhile but he has just now mastered getting down. In fact, it's pretty much is favorite thing to do now.... stand up, get down, stand up, get down. Oh the simple things. He is also tracking between pieces of furniture and has started getting brave and doing it with only one hand. I'm afraid he'll be walking before we know it!
* He is just fascinated with drawers, doors, and cabinets.... leading to lots of smashed fingers! :(  He doesn't get into the things in the drawers or cabinets, just simply opens and closes them over and over.
* He really enjoys the game "I throw everything on the ground and watch people around me pick it up". Mommy is not such a fan.
* His favorite toys right now are a shape sorting cookie jar (that he loves opening and closing), a rubber spatula (lol), the dog bowls (eek), and his little wagon that he really enjoys flipping upside down and investigating the wheels.
* He's really into books right now and loves looking at them. He's a boy after my own heart <3
* Sleeping is going great. He sleeps from about 6 or 7pm until about 6am without making a sound!  Right now he takes about a 45 minute nap at like 9am, 1 1/2 nap at around 12pm, and a 30 minute nap at around 3. I'm hoping to start trying to get into two naps here before long... but we'll go with the flow and right now his flow is screaming for 3 naps :)
* Food, oh food. It feels like all I do is feed this boy! He has fruit and cereal or toast in the am, veggies for lunch, and yogurt and fruit for dinner. He also munches on puffs, yogurt melts, or mum mums when he needs a snack. We're starting to do a few finger foods now because all signs from his little body are saying he needs to! So far we've done banana, kiwi, toast, and cheese. He does absolutely awesome with them and deciding what to do and when is so stressful!
* He says "more" and "momma" and knows exactly what they mean! I love it and still get so excited when he says them! He knows what "all done" means but hasn't signed it himself yet and he also knows who "dada" is but hasn't said it yet. He is making some of the funniest sounds now and I love listening to him "talk"!

That's all the updates I can think of now but I'm sure I'll come up with more as soon as I sign off from here :)   Look for a post soon on how we're settling in and some pics of how the house is going!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Home Freno Family, Welcome Home

Well we're here! All moved in and beginning to settle into our new house here in Bixby. Pretty much all we have left to unpack are boxes of decorations and a couple boxes of just random junk.  Unpacking with a baby is a long, slow process.
The house is just perfect for us and we all, including Dax, are really enjoying it! Daniel and I spend a lot of time sitting on the patio with Dax rolling around in his walker. Sadie is sleeping in a different random place in the yard every time you look out (I think she's scoping out the best sleep spot) and Sophie has become quite the little bird dog, constantly chasing the poor little birds that call our back yard home. Right now I'm sitting on the couch with the back door open listening to all sorts of birds and I sort of feel like I'm in heaven ;)  It really is a nice way to end a busy day.
Since we are now on the topic of my busy day (like how I did that??)..... we have a sick baby AGAIN. I knew it was coming. He's always a mommas boy anyways but for the past 3 or 4 days it's been pretty ridiculous. It's been to the point where I've had to do a lot of unpacking with Dax in my Mobi. Needless to say we went to the doctor today (a new one which by the way I really liked) and he has another ear infection.  Poor little guy has just been miserable! I think he has the most pathetic little sick eyes I've ever seen. Hopefully he'll get better much soon!
So how is everyone handling the move I'm sure you've wondered.  Well, so far I've handled moving pretty well. I love the house and the town so I think that really helps! Granted I've only been away from my family for 5 days but it hasn't been bad yet. Sunday morning I did spend a lot of time thinking of them and how I wish I was at church with everyone. But right now I'm just looking forward to Memorial Day weekend at the lake with everyone! The dogs were in a funk for the first two days.. not really eating much and not doing much besides sleeping, but now they're back to normal and really loving their yard! Daniel enjoyed his first few days here and is now back to the grind studying for his first licensing exam on June 20th. Needless to say he wont be seeing the light of day until then. And Dax is handling it like the little champ he is! He has stuck to his schedule and is having a lot of fun exploring his new house. I was worried about how he would sleep the first night but he did perfect, sleeping from 6:30pm-7:00am.  I really am so blessed :)

Well I promise I'll get some pics up soon of the house turned home. Until then I'll continue sitting on my patio soaking in the new yard :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on 10!

It's May 10th!! Time for 10 on 10..... ready.... set.... go....

So today's weather started out perfect! Not too hot, not too cold, and just a slight breeze! Needless to say, Dax and I sat on the patio for awhile this morning enjoying the beautiful weather. Our fur-babies joyed us as well :)
 My mom got this for Dax for Easter and it is his favorite toy right now. Just like every morning... Dax started the day today with this favorite activity of opening the box, taking out a toy, closing the box, opening the box, putting the toy back in, and closing the box again.  It's his new favorite game :)
Dax is wayyy into kisses right now so of course I take advantage of that! This morning he was even more full of kisses than normal. I def. wont' complain!
 Today we had tons of errands to run to get ready for the move! First stop today was Home Depot.... where obviously Dax decided to take a nap :)  He looked pretty sleepy so we decided to take the seat in instead of having him sit in the cart. Good thing we did!  Such a sweet boy!
After Home Depot daddy had to get a hair cut so we dropped him off at the Barber Shop and we headed over to mawmaws work to say hello! She was pretty darn excited to show off the cutest grandbaby in the entire world ;)
 The next stop for the day... and by far my favorite... was the assisted living center to see my grandma & grandpa! We didn't make it over there on Mothers Day b/c Daniel was studying for a test so today we took our card, flowers, and teddybear over today. They were VERY excited to see us and so proud to show off they're great grandbaby! My grandpa who usually walks with a cane, walked up and down the hall from one end of the building to the other carrying Dax so that he could show him off to every resident and worker. Dax would just laugh everytime my grandma said something to him and was very drawn to grandpa (he kept climbing up to him which is what this picture is). He also really enjoyed playing with grandmas wheelchair!
Ugh... worst. part. of. the. day.  Packing.  We are loading up the Uhaul Thursday so our days are numbered on getting everything done that needs to be done by then! My mom came over and hung out with Dax for a bit so we were able to get a lot of packing done tonight!
I really love this picture! Daniel has another test tomorrow... but Dax obviously did not want daddy to study! Dax thought this was a really fun game for about 5 minutes... and I really enjoyed watching it! :)
 Someone was pretty playful this evening.... so again.. I took full advantage of that! I would hide under the blanket, leaving only a tiny hole where I could see out of and Dax would bend way over to peek in the hole at me. When he would get where he could see in the hole I would lift back the blanket, he would laugh, and then he would sit patiently waiting for me to do it again. I think I enjoyed it just as much as him!
Someone has become a little rockstar at feeding himself lately! This evening he had Puffs & Cheerios for an evening snack. He really enjoyed it.... so much that he decided to save one for later :)
We had a really busy yet perfect day! Hope yours was just as good!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bixby Bound...

So this weekend we made our first trip to Bixby to see the new house! We had only seen three pictures of it on craigslist and trusted my sister in law to be the ones to check it out in person. So yesterday we saw Bixby for the first time, the house for the first time, and got keys. I'd say we went kind of blindly into this but the results were great! So here it is.... drum roll please....
Isn't it cute?!?!  The neighborhood is just perfect with tons of big trees, older,yet nice homes, lots of families, and with lots of curvy, hilly roads! I think it's adorable! And don't you see so much potential in those flower beds?! Cant wait to get my hands in those!
We are also SUPER excited because there is a Akins Natural Foods right around the corner from us and it has all of Dax's organic goodies that we have had to previously go to Babies R Us for! Along with lots of organic goodies for us too ;)   There is also a HUGE SuperTarget not 5 minutes from us, several of our favorite restaurants, a movie theater, and walmart. 
Here are some more pics of the house!
Entry and part of the living room! The space to the left of the window is going to be Dax's play space!

Dining area! And my wonderful has decided to let me paint that wall! Pics of that will come later!

Our teensy kitchen! Very little but big enough for us! Good thing I have no idea how to cook ;)

A look down the hall from the living room. The door is to the right!
Hall bathroom! Lots of space and storage!

Our room!

Our bathroom! We'll also be painting the blue wall!

Dax's room! Also getting some paint!

Guest room/office.... and obviously getting paint! lol

Part of the living rooms and doors to the backyard!

A peek out the front door!
And probably my favorite part..... the back yard!
View from the backdoor to the back of the yard! Big covered patio, playhouse, and shed!

View from the back of the yard to the house! Complete with a tree swing and a hook up for a hammock!

Well that's the new house!!! I'll post pictures of the painted rooms when we are all finished with those!  We love it and it definitely makes the move a little easier!

On a side note... this was our poor sick boy this weekend! Poor little man has Roseola (we're pretty sure) and got quite the fever on the way to Bixby! This was him when his fever was spiked at 102.7   Isn't that little face just pitiful! Luckily he's doing a little better now. His temp today has stayed between 99.5 and 101.   Keep little man in your prayers!