Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And the Saga Continues Part 1

Well I wasn't lying when I finished off my last post with "our family story is just getting started".

This post is going to be full of dates and details ..... but I want to record and share our stories... all the details... so that maybe I can help someone else that will be going through this as well. Because it's so heavy in details and dates I'm going to break this part of our story up into a couple different post, so hang with me for a few days.

I left off our last post mentioning that I would be going to the doctor for a follow up on Monday, September 16th to discuss the next steps. When I got there he wanted to do a follow up ultrasound to see how the miscarriage was going naturally. We thought our biggest decision this week was going to be whether to let the miscarriage happen naturally, or to go ahead and have a D&C to complete the process. Little did we know.

During the ultrasound the tech was great at telling me exactly what she was seeing. We were still able to see the sac in my uterus, but could tell that it had made some progress and didn't look as defined as it did on Thursday. But while she was checking around a little more she saw a spot by my left ovary that she was a little concerned about. So she called the doctor in and they discussed it together with me. The consensus was that it could possibly be an ectopic pregnancy, but it wasn't as defined as he thought it should have been based off how high my beta (in layman's terms my pregnancy hormones) was. He sent me right over to the hospital to have another beta done.

A little back story on my beta..... when I went in on Thursday, September 12, my beta was over 10,200.  I had it tested again on Saturday, September 14th and it had dropped by 100. This is what you want to happen during a miscarriage. Once it's all the way back below 5 that your considered not pregnant anymore.

Well I received a call Monday evening from my doctor telling me my beta had gone up almost 1000 points since Saturday... mind you that is NOT what you want to see. Because of this he scheduled me for surgery first thing Tuesday morning to have a D&C done. This would get everything out of my uterus and help us know for sure on whether or not I had an ectopic pregnancy. If my hormone levels dropped after the D&C, we knew we were in the clear. But if they didn't or if the pathology report came back with bad news then we knew for sure I was having an ectopic pregnancy.  Ectopics can be pretty dangerous so he wanted to get things figured out as quickly as possible.

Living in a city where you have no family made everything just a bit more stressful. My mom couldn't get a flight that would get her here in time for the surgery, but we lucked out in the babysitter department and she was able to come over at 5:00am on Tuesday morning to stay with Dax.

The next day came quickly and I was as prepared as could possibly be for the D&C. My doctor is absolutely wonderful so I knew I was going to be taken great care of. I did have to be put under general anesthesia, but the procedure itself was outpatient. I was taken back to prep for the surgery a little after 7, and was home by 10. My mom got into town that afternoon and I spent most of the day resting and starting my road to recovery.

I thought I was done... for the second time, and thought we could start moving on... for the second time. But come to find out we really had no idea what was in store for us the rest of the week.


  1. So so sorry to hear about the hard time you're going through. You are in my thoughts!

    1. Thank you so much Chrissie! We have so much to be thankful for so we're trying to remain positive. Hopefully things get back to normal for us before long