Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Forrest!

As you all know from my countdown I've had going for months now, Match Day was this last Friday.  It was a very exciting day from sun up to well past sun down.

Daniel was up and ready to go by 8:30.....

we didn't have to leave until 10:00 (someone was a little excited).

My parents came by and picked up Dax for him to spend the evening and next day with them (his first time to sleep anyone other than home without mom and dad). Our day and night were full of Match Day festivities and we planned on spending Saturday packing and sorting through toys.

Daniel's class saved up most of their student fees over the years to have an awesome Match week/day. They had fun activities planned every night and a beautiful day planned for Match Day.
The day started out with mimosas, beer, coffee, and chitchatting/peeing your pants from the anxiety of what was about to happen. At about 11:50 we sat down for a few words from a few people and close to noon they started the countdown video... you could hear a pin drop!

At then end of the countdown it said something about their fate being in their pot of gold...
So Daniel poured this bowl out all of the table as fast as he could could and pulled out puzzle pieces to put together this...
We're going to Mobile, Alabama (hints the Forrest Gump reference in the blog title)!!!! This was Daniel's #2 pick (the only reason it wasn't #1 was because there was a location that was a little closer to friends) but in his heart it was his #1!  Daniel was so ecstatic and I think I was in shock for awhile!  I cried a little.... Daniel teared up some and there was lots of hugging and saying, "OMG we're going to Alabama".
This was the only program that I went to the interview with Daniel (that must have been a sign or something there). They were so, so welcoming to the spouses and even gave me a tour of the city while Daniel interviewed during the day. We both loved the people and could tell that this program would be very family friendly (something hard to find in surgery programs). 

Daniel also has a friend that matched in Mobile with him so that was very exciting as well. We'll be an hour from super nice beaches. We're living on the Gulf of Mexico.  I never in a million years thought I would be living by the ocean (Up until a few years ago I had never even been to the ocean... and my trip to Daniel's interview in Mobile was my first flight ever). If I had a dollar for every time in the past 3 days that I've said, "We're moving to Mobile" I think I would be rich. I don't think it really sunk in until last night. This thing called med school is one crazy ride that's for sure. 
The rest of the day included a nap, dinner on the patio at Pei Wei, a party bus, and a night of celebrating at the boathouse in OKC (like I said, hubbys school saved up the student fees to make sure they had a memorable Match Day). 

So I guess ready or not.... here we come Mobile!!


  1. Congratulations on matching at his #2! That is awesome! And it looks like his school did it up for match fun:) Good luck with the packing and moving. I always say the two most painful processes in life are childbirth and moving!

  2. YAY for Match Day!! Congrats on Alabama!!!!! I have lived in Alabama for the past 12 years... 4 in Madison, 4 in Auburn, and 4 in Birmingham. I love it. The weather is great... a little (a lot) humid, but other than that... it is gorgeous!! I know a good many people in Mobile... shoot me a message if you would like me to connect y'all for housing/city stuff!

  3. That looks like such a fun day! I'm so happy you both are very excited about your new adventure! Congratulations! I always love hearing when a new surgeon is born! :)

  4. Kandice, I feel all of your emotions....I can ONLY imagine being at that step...seems so exciting though also!! Congratulations!!!!! Also, I nominated you for the Liebstar Award...a blog award, have you heard of it? Someone nominated me and I'm supposed to nominate other blogs I love and yours is one of those. :) It's too cute.

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